CrossFit holiday list – 2013 edition

I have no idea how it’s already Thanksgiving – I feel like it was just August, and now Christmas stuff is everywhere. In an ideal world, I’d like someone to buy me pull ups, better oly skills, a faster running speed, some handstand push ups…if only. Anyway, I love holidays. People like gifts. Here are … Continue reading

Everyone should get a PR song

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, every time you hit a big PR at the gym, your PR song started playing? You know how people talk about theme songs for life, kind of like if you were in a tv show or something… I get that this would be kind of impossible because people could be … Continue reading

Tony Blauer on the “Knockout Game”

Originally posted on Jeremy Kinnick:
By now most people have heard about the “Knockout Game” that has been a hot topic in the media as of late. The game is disturbing and the videos and stories coming from it are nothing short of horrible. Please take 10 minutes of your time and read this blog…

New gyms and anxiety/mental blocks

I have to say something first – I don’t just talk to people randomly. I don’t make friends with strangers. So in CrossFit, when you have to warm up with someone, or partner up with someone for a workout – that is always a challenge for me. At least it was, until I got to … Continue reading

Drop In: Altamonte CrossFit

Location: Altamonte Springs, FL Website:  I convinced my mom to try CrossFit, and there was a Groupon for Altamonte CrossFit, so she joined this one. I dropped in for a class with her when I was visiting. (It was pretty tough to get in touch with someone; she had issues trying to actually get in … Continue reading

Drop in: CrossFit Orlando

  Location: Orlando, FL Website: CrossFit Orlando Some days, you just need to lift a barbell (especially when it has been more than 3-4 days). And CrossFit Orlando happened to have a snatch heavy workout posted, so I dropped in. The space: The box is in a sort of office park near the Lee Road/I-4 … Continue reading

Quest bars

PaleOMG mentioned Quest bars in a post once, and I was kind of intrigued by them – a more paleo-friendly protein bar with minimally processed ingredients? Quest was giving out free sample bars at the Mid Atlantic Regionals, and yep, I tried one. I asked the super friendly representative which flavors were the best and … Continue reading