I grew up playing tennis, started going to the gym (to run on the treadmill or do the circuit machines) during high school, and then started running a lot in college. I was never fast, but I could run 12 miles like it was not a big deal at all. I always made a big batch of ravioli before a running day, because…I thought that was what everyone was supposed to do. I knew sweets and candy weren’t healthy, but thought sandwiches with thinly-sliced bread and a side of carrots (rather than chips) = an excellent lunch choice. I have never been into any carbonated or sugary beverages, or even coffee, but thought Gatorade was a good workout/sick day/almost any time drink.

During law school, I ran to clear my mind, to relieve stress. In 2008, I heard about this thing called “CrossFit” and decided to jump right in and attend a Level 1 Certification…with no CrossFit background at all (except for a few workouts I picked from the main site and did on my own). I LOVED IT. I was so exhausted after the first day of the certification, my legs were so sore from all of the squatting practice, and my friends thought I was nuts. (They probably still do.) I heard about the Zone diet and tried it for a while. Then I heard about this paleo thing, and it just made SO much sense to me. I mean, why was I eating so much processed food? Cereal and whole grain pasta aren’t healthy, what?! I wasn’t really ready though, and then had some personal situations to deal with that left me with no energy to figure out paleo or try to cook. But, I tried it here and there, when it was convenient.

In 2012, I finally joined a CrossFit box instead of just doing it on and off on my own (and not really pushing myself). That August, after a night of drinking (the first in months) and a slice of pizza, I woke up at 2 a.m., sweating, horrible stomach pain, so bad that I wanted to go to the ER. I sat in bed miserable, wondering what was going on. I blamed it on the pizza and beer – I hadn’t had anything with gluten for months. Somehow, I fell back asleep, and went back to paleo the next day. In September, I made an amazing cake for my cousin’s birthday. It. Looked. So. Delicious. I bit the bullet and tried a small piece. Luckily, I didn’t get any horrible pain this time, but I did have swollen lymph nodes and a general feeling of unwellness for the next two weeks. I decided gluten and I would need to break up, for good this time.

In 2013, my box held a primal nutrition challenge – 6 weeks of eating strict paleo, no sweeteners (even maple syrup and agave), 7+ hours of sleep a night, etc. By week three, I felt SO much better about everything. I was happy. I was getting PRs almost every day at the gym. My running was getting faster – I clocked a mile at 9:26, when I’ve only run exactly 10 minute miles my entire life. (I’ve since realized the three week mark with clean eating challenges is like gold for me – around the middle of week 3 things just all start to click.)

I like sharing information, and have been known to push health/fitness related challenges (like signing up for running events, annoying friends until they finally come to a free CrossFit workout, etc.). I like encouraging people to become healthier. I have some interest in nutrition, but I”m not sure in what way I’d like to pursue it yet. I want to be helping people get healthier.

So, welcome to my journey into health and wellness, CrossFit and paleo and running.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Running & Endurance Course


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