14.5 aka I’m steaming and I’m dizzy…and glad it’s over!

I don’t really “hate” many things, but burpees and thrusters are two things that I absolutely DO NOT LOVE. I am horribly slow at burpees. We had a 3-minute burpee test last week (a few days before 14.5) and I got like 30. In three minutes. That’s ten a minute and that was more than I could have done a few months ago. I don’t know what it is – maybe I’m just not good at throwing myself on the ground, and I’m not fantastic at push ups…or jumping up…or…anyway, burpees are not my jam. Thrusters are not either, but I guess I’d rather do more thrusters than burpees.

Everyone was talking about thrusters and burpees all week, but I was still holding onto a tiny bit of hope that it would be something crazier and more unpredictable. I was kind of thinking it would be something like:

You just never know, you know? But not so. These were pretty accurate reactions:



Watching the Games competitors was pretty awesome though…even though the whole time I was thinking yep, I would still be on the first round right now, haha. Briggs is such a beast, I love her. I want to be friends with her. She did not stop. And her interview comment…”I let him win” was the BEST of the night, I think. Right? So, thinking about not having a time cap is pretty intense, because you just think oh crap, I could actually be doing this workout for an hour?! Luckily (or not so luckily?) my gym gave us a time cap because we had so many people competing. And, an option to scale. I went back and forth but in the end, I wanted to try to push to get through the workout instead of just doing it as rx for the entire time. (Thrusters would have sucked either way, but burpees were the killer for me.) Did you guys watch the Barbell Shrugged prep video? Christmas Abbott was awesome. I probably would have finished much faster if I had sparkle and neon, my bad. Next year!

Carl Paoli’s tips were, as always, awesome. I feel like I’ve usually thought of the burpee as a squat into a push up and then pushing up back into a squat. Either way, I’m not fast so any tips are appreciated. I probably need some private coaching sessions too? Just saying. Gymnastic movements are definitely my weakest link.

I was hungry all day, just thinking about 14.5. Tired too. I was kind of dizzy when warming up, I don’t even know how to explain. I did a few quick row sprints, then some dynamic stuff, and the movements and…I mean can you ever really be prepared for this workout? I’m not so sure.

So anyway, 14.5 happened. I think I tried to get through the first set of thrusters a little too quickly, and broke it up into 11-10 (poor choice). Burpees felt so slow. People said to use the burpees as rest. HA. (I read these tips from Fat Crossfitter after – and they are so on point. “Cardio is not your jam” and the “burpees will kill you” – yup.) It was rough after that. That first set of 21 burpees seemed to take FOREVER and it probably did take a few minutes. And that second set of thrusters – did someone add weight to my bar?? Just saying. It felt a lot heavier. I ended up breaking them up into threes and just trying to not stop at all on the burpees (ha).

We had a 25-minute time cap. I was to the round of 6 with about 3 minutes left. I knew I could get through it. I just had to keep going. I finished with legit 30 seconds left. BUT I finished. Scaled, yet, BUT I finished! I did not feel so great though – the dizziness kind of went away during the middle of the workout, but then that oh-my-gosh-I-might-actually-puke-for-the-first-time feeling came in, but I really wanted to finish so I just kept going and it went away. And then it was raining outside so as I was drenched in sweat, I swear there was steam coming off of me because the rain was a little colder. Does that happen? I don’t remember how steam works, but it sounds legit, I think. Either that or I was hallucinating post-wod. Who knows?

I think 14.5 was the most fun to watch – and definitely the most inspiring. So many people wanted to stop (even if they didn’t show it) but they did not stop. They kept going. One at a time, it doesn’t matter, they did not stop. I think it was definitely the most crossfit of the open wods, if that makes sense. (This stupid browser keeps correcting crossfit to cross fit and wod to wow or woods. Annoying.)

I thought I managed to not appear in any photos, but I actually just do not recognize myself doing burpees. I didn’t even recognize my awesome headband, but I guess I have no idea what I look like throwing myself on the ground anyway.

I like how you can look through them like a mini flip book.

I’m partly glad the open is over, but partly sad because it has made Friday nights more exciting, and it has been fun (and a little sore and anxious at times, but worth it). It has reminded me of a lot of things to work on. And it has made me so glad to be a part of my box. I don’t know where you could find a better atmosphere, really. So, thank you to all of the coaches and gym friends and spectators for making it an awesome experience and for pushing me. (If you guys weren’t yelling during 14.5, I think I would have mentally just blanked and stared at the barbell or ground.) And to the photographers! Awesome photos. (Even when I look ridiculous, still awesome.)

Ok, one more thing:

Dear Bridges, you are ridiculously awesome and maybe not human? I’m just saying. One of my favorite quotes from this year (year, not just the open) is from when Bridges was talking about something a friend said – “it doesn’t hurt that much to run a little bit faster, does it?” Favorite.

Confession: I was not really sore the next day. I mean, I was exhausted and wanted to stay in bed all day and sleep, but it was rainy and gross outside, so that was part of it. I even did a Saturday night squatting session – not super heavy, but more than I thought I’d be able to do.

So, I read this Breaking Muscle article about calculating recovery and have been trying to focus more on recovery. Has anyone else started doing this? I’m trying. I’m trying to sleep more and foam roll more and throw in a slower recovery run when I can. So, I ran on Sunday. It was 60 and sunny and amazing running weather so of course it was fun. I haven’t done a longer run in a longgggg time – when I ran a 10K in October, it was rough because the most I really usually run is 800m at a time. Those are my “long” runs. Yep. But this was nice:

This bug was not so nice:

But I am loving these Inov8s:


Now that the open is over, are you focusing on your weaknesses, or another area? I have so many weaknesses I need to/want to work on, but right now, I want to work on speed. Plus, I’m back into running, so there’s that. 🙂


One thought on “14.5 aka I’m steaming and I’m dizzy…and glad it’s over!

  1. Were you a runner before Crossfit? Or started running more when you started Crossfit? How long have you been doing CF anyway?

    Nice work on finishing 14.5! Brutal little workout.. lol

    My burpees are like:
    1. THROW yourself onto the ground. Thighs smack the ground hard. This is like one movement; no squat then drop down; just body, slam, floor.
    2. Jump feet up to your hands and land on your heels, not toes. Then you’re in prime position to stand back up.

    For this WOD, I “walked” down most of my burpees, so basically one leg behind me then the other.. then step 2. We had others do step 1, then crawl their feet up to their hands instead of step 2. Saves your legs either way!

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