14.3 and 14.4, aka just keep breathing…

Confession: I completely forgot to post about 14.3, and now it has been so long I kind of forgot that the workout was and I literally just had to look it (and my score) up. (And then I was sick. And then my laptop stopped charging, so I finally gave in and am typing this during my lunch break. Excuses.) I also failed at taking photos, so before I talk about 14.3, here are some ridiculous photos of me from 14.2 for your viewing enjoyment…or scare, I”m not really sure which one honestly. I make painful faces.

Faces like this…

Or just looking like I’m trying to breathe…

(There are multiple photos like this, so this must be my go-to face.)

And here I just look weird but my arms look kind of nice?

I love deadlifts, and I was SO EXCITED to get deadlifts in an open wod. I do not love box jumps. I have a mental block, or..I mean, you know what I mean, some days I just want to jump up but my brain is like nope, don’t do it, nope. And then a month ago I decided that I was not going to scale any box jump workout to a lower box (I mean unless it has like a hundred box jumps, then maybe), it’s just not an option. And then I was SO EXCITED that step-ups were allowed. I was definitely looking forward to this one. Except on Wednesday, I felt like I was starting to get a cold…I took Thursday off, and felt decent enough to try it on Friday.

So, 14.3…
8 min AMRAP:
10 deadlifts 95#, 15 box jumps/step ups
15 deadlifts – scaled to 135#, 15 box jumps
20 deadlifts – scaled to 155#, 15 box jumps
25 deadlifts – scaled to 185#, 15  box jumps

I got 94. BUT my lower back was not killing me after or the next day, so I consider that a win. (Seems like a lot of people, at least on twitter, were getting sort of injured or having a lot of soreness, and saw a lot of rounding during the later rounds of deadlifts).

Luckily, there’s only one photo of me from this workout. (I should probably say knock on wood though, because you never know.)

I wish you could see my face because it looks pretty intense from what I can see here.

Look at all the people watching and cheering! So amazing.

Some regionals-level competitors were in the last heat, and they were ridiculous.

They made it look easy. Pretty sure I did not make it look easy. (I gave off more of a “please help” vibe probably.)

I was tired after, but didn’t have any weird soreness or pain.

I felt better after 14.3, like the workout somehow cured my illness. Boom. On Saturday night, I did heavy back squats at the gym (I love Saturday night squat sessions now, they’re my thing). And then Sunday, sick. Blah. I didn’t work out all week. I attempted some short runs (200m) on Thursday, just to see…and they weren’t good but I didn’t feel like falling over.

I was not super excited about 14.4 – I can’t do toes to bar! When I say can’t, I mean I keep trying and it just doesn’t happen. (Not just the “can’t” meaning “I just don’t want to.”) I think I’m almost at knees to elbows, but that’s it. Scaling wasn’t even going to be a question.

Honestly, my strategy was to just keep breathing…

I know that sounds basic but complex at the same time (breathe to pace and to focus) but I really mostly meant keep breathing because I had been sick and breathing was actually difficult. And it was rough during the row…

So, 14.4 happened, and I’m glad it is over:
AMRAP in 14 minutes (lol at the AMRAP):
60-calorie row
50 toes to bar – scaled to sit ups
40 wall ball shots – scaled to 12#
30 cleans – scaled to 65#
20 muscle ups (a “basic move”…?)

I really was just hoping to get TO the cleans, I didn’t really expect to get through them, and I didn’t even set up a box near the pull up bars because I wasn’t expecting to get to pull ups. But then I got through the cleans doing 5 at a time (aka I probably should have added another 10 lbs.), and Aimee ran and grabbed a box for me to do jumping pull ups. (Thanks!!)

And I got 191! I was mostly happy to get through the cleans, I just love them. I wish they were in every workout…maybe not every workout because then I might get tired of them (probably not), so just more workouts.

I think this is my favorite photo of the night, arms up cheering:

These guys are intense:

Most of my photos were blurry, and also I am short, so there’s that. But here’s the end of the final heat:

Also, I LOVED (need that emphasis there because that’s how much) this from Bridges (who I love):

I keep thinking this every time I’m running now, if only I could get my body to move faster…

So, one more open wod to go…predictions? I keep hearing burpees and thrusters, and I would not be excited about either. It would be kind of crazy if they threw another repeat workout, or a combination of a few…like 13.5 but with burpees instead of pull ups…or 13.1 with thrusters instead of snatches might be worse. 4 minutes of burpees followed by 4 minutes of thrusters in increasing weight? Let’s be honest, anything with thrusters and burpees will be rough.

Lastly, if you are near a Trader Joes, do not buy these:

You will start eating, and keep eating…and then want them all the time because they’re so delicious. So just don’t buy them, trust me. I refuse to buy them again…except maybe for my birthday, and I will eat them on the beach or after jumping out of a plane.

I have a lot of fun food stuff to post once I get a laptop running again at home, like a paleo coconut cake for my grandmother’s birthday, blueberry crumble for a coworker’s birthday, some fun pancakes, and more, so stay tuned. (And thanks for reading!)


3 thoughts on “14.3 and 14.4, aka just keep breathing…

  1. Nicely done on both workouts! Glad I read about deadlifts because we are doing 1RM in the morning! And then…. Prep work for 14.5. Umm, can we say the official motto for this one is gonna be just keep breathing?? Wow it is going to get ugly!

    And I’m feeling a Trader Joe’s run in my near future!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe the turn out at your box for open workouts. That’s insane! When joining CrossFit in January I knew that my box was on the smaller side, but now I’m thinking that’s an understatement. There was no cheering section of any kind during our open workouts, besides the handful of athletes of course.

    Great job on your open scores!

    • I know, it’s so awesome 🙂 I think the smaller boxes can be awesome too – our open workouts include people from other gyms in the area, which makes it more fun.

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