14.2 (aka next year I’ll have pull ups)

I’m not going to lie, I was not happy about pull ups in 14.2. I mean, they were coming sooner or later, yeah, but I thought it would be later?

Fat CrossFitter summed up exactly how I felt about it in this post:

Yes, OF COURSE they have to weed people out. Guess what—a workout that everybody can do WILL STILL WEED THOSE OF US WHO ARE NOT COMPETITIVE OUT. Seven minutes of burpees? Sure, I can do it, but I’m gonna get a quarter of what Camille gets. LOOK AT ME, WEEDED OUT, but I still feel like I got my money’s worth because I DID THE WOD.

So yeah, I have been trying to work on pull ups but I am nowhere near getting one yet. My overhead squats are not fantastic either – my max was 85 a few months ago, but certainly not for 10 in a row.

I tried to convince some guy friends to watch the open announcement. Same thinking as:

It’s funny because when I started CrossFit, I kept thinking –  why do people use athletes’ first names like they know the athletes? But now I’m doing it. I love Camille. She’s so pretty and so ridiculous at pull ups. I also love Stacie Tovar and she’s on 14.3 next week.

There was a lot of good advice out there on 14.2, but I really liked this:

I get the point of the Open, but if you can’t do it (as in like nowhere near doing it, not just somewhat close), SCALE. How is that hard? For 14.1, I knew I had some double unders, just not consecutive so I wouldn’t be fast, so I didn’t scale. For 14.2, yeah, I could have gotten 10 overhead squats at 65, but then I would have just hung on the pull up bar for the rest of the time. Maybe 10 reps is fine for some people – if that’s what you’re going for, to rx no matter what. But I wanted a workout – and it helped me set a goal for next year. (I want pull ups by next year’s open. No more scaling pull ups. At least regular pull ups!)

So, I scaled the weight to 45# and used a band for pull ups – but it was a smaller band than I usually use! (Actually, I’ve gone down twice now in the last week, I was using blue + red before, then just blue, now two reds..which maybe is the same as blue? I’m not sure. Either way, I pushed harder than I had before.)

I thought the pull ups would be the tough part, but really it was the second set of overhead squats. It was like suddenly the bar was 40# heavier? And suddenly I had no core strength or stability. Plus, overhead squats have never been easy for me, so there’s that too.

Look at me, there I go, squatting away:

Did anyone else feel like the squats were slow motion? Mine felt SO SLOW but I felt like if I tried to go faster, I’d fall over, or the bar would just drop on my  head, or who knows. Also, I don’t (usually) enjoy photos of myself working out but luckily you can’t see my face in this one, because I always make faces. So, whew.

I got through the first round (2 sets of 10) and part of the way through the second, for a total of 65. Yeah, 65. That’s all I have to say about that.

BUT some girls at my gym and twitter friends got pull ups (and multiple!) – so that is AWESOME! Congrats, ladies! And a lot of people (gym and twitter again) did OHS for the first time, or OHS at that weight for the first time. So 14.2 did involve a lot of wins, which is what the Open is about, right? (I just typed wine instead of wins – it should involve wine too, I say.)

This guy from Dynasty CrossFit killed it, this is the round of 18, and isn’t the crowd awesome?

I tried to take a panoramic photo but for some reason I just can’t do it right. I really wanted to show you guys how awesome my gym is…but it didn’t work out:

The arrow just never stays on the stupid little line. Or it does but then my phone only shows the first half of the picture. I don’t know, I guess taking panoramic shots is just not one of my skills. Another thing to work on?

Lastly, I think we all deserve to see this:

Anyone else with me? The Boz/McKernan showdowns sounded awesome too.


8 thoughts on “14.2 (aka next year I’ll have pull ups)

  1. Do you guys have set days to do the Open workouts? At our gym we do the WOD during the Friday class, but have a big production on Sunday where a ton of people show up to do it. So Friday is like a trial run; or you do the scaled workout on Friday to get a good sweat on, then Sunday you can re-attempt it for an RX score. Maybe something to consider – do it once for the workout and second time for RX?

    Congrats on dropping the bigger bands!! Have you tried working on strict pull-ups? For the past month, I’ve been staying after class and doing 6×3 banded pull-ups.. then last week I was able to do 3 without a band; and now got my first chest to bar. It’s amazing what strict can do for your kipping! If a pull-up is your goal, highly recommend taking 10 mintues post-class to work on it.

    You know, on top of the other 12 things you probably want to work on (this is my issue right now.. want to improve on TOO many things at once..). Right now sticking to pull-ups and ring dips.. until I can do all sets unbanded.. oh, effing ring dips.

    Anyway.. nice job, and nice squatting! They’ll get better, I promise!

    • Friday nights. 🙂 We usually have 40-50 athletes and then another 40-50 people come to watch. It’s an awesome atmosphere. I think 14.2 just isn’t one I care about rx’ing, but maybe I’ll do a trial run on one of the next ones. (Actually probably not, haha, but I’d like to do 14.1 again in a few months!)

      I’ve been working on negatives but not as much as I need to be working on them. Awesome on getting your first chest to bar! 🙂 I definitely need more practice…and strength. RING DIPS TOO. Gosh, ring dips. Those are rough.

  2. I think it is hard sometime to not look at the Open workouts and be super competitive about them. For me, it’s either I can do it prescribed or I can’t do it at all. Since both 14.1 and 14.2 involved moves I had never done, my challenge was attempting to just get a score. I probably shouldn’t look at it that way, but I do. I worked so hard to get an OHS and I actually got it! I wish I was more wired to look at it, swallow my pride if needed, and scale and do something that fits my ability. I do that on some normal WODs at my box, so why any different with the Open? I bet I will start to think that way though. CF is teaching me a lot. Or maybe I’ll just master everything and not have to worry about it. =)

    • You did awesome!! I think it really just depends on the workout – sometimes the goal can and should just be to get however many rx, and sometimes it’s just time to scale. You will totally master everything though. 🙂

  3. Hey! Just found you via twitter, yay! I’ve been blogging a while but not about crossfit — it’s been fun to find new reads like yours. Anyway, had to laugh at the slow motion comment. Yes! I felt exactly that way, like each squat was taking about four minutes. 😉 Looking forward to reading more … -Monique (Proud owner of a score of 10 on 14.2)

  4. I didn’t do nearly as well as I should have on 14.2. My chest to bar are sub par, and my stability in the overhead position isn’t strong. BUT…at the same time we all knew Chest to Bars were coming just like we know muscle ups will come in the Open. Hopefully next year i won’t die in a WOD with them!!

  5. I had to modify big time on 14.2. Those are just 2 movements that I don’t have down yet, but like you I plan to come 2015! Keep up the hard work!

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