14.1 recap, on to the next one

This is how I felt last Thursday:

Yep, and now I feel like it’s the eve of Christmas Eve again! You know what is awesome about the CrossFit Games Open? All of your friends around the world will be doing the same workout. Everyone will feel the same pain halfway through. Everyone will feel the same oh-my-gosh-I’m-so-glad-that’s-over-but-should-I-do-it-again feeling after the workout. And yeah, you can compare your scores to people around the world, but that’s not really the most important thing for most of us. The most important thing is the community.

And that includes the community on Twitter. I was iffy on Twitter at first, but it is so awesome to connect with people around the world the instant something happens. I was watching the 14.1 announcement on my phone while my mom was with me, and she was confused on what was going on, why I was nervous, then why I wouldn’t stop watching. It’s kind of hard to explain, I mean yeah, it is just another workout to do, but it is also not just another workout. But so many other people on Twitter were feeling the exact same! (Nervous but excited, butterflies, a little craziness, etc. I don’t know how to really describe it.)

Yeah. Ok. Not happening. And this:

I mean, is there a way to get better at double unders that quickly? I wish. So, my double unders are not great at all. I had been meaning to practice, but really…had not been. But I can do a bunch (maybe 10) of single, single, doubles in a row…so I had that. My goal initially, really, was just to get through a round or two because those double unders were going to mess me up. But, of course, the workout ends up a little bit different. My max 1 rep snatch is 65# so…multiple at 55# was not going to be easy. We had practiced touch-and-go snatches earlier in the week and 55# was tough. I thought about scaling – maybe try the doubles but drop the weight to 45#? Maybe go to singles? Then I just decided nope, not happening this time, I’m just going for it. Even if I got a super low score, it would be fun to compare it to in a year.

I could not stop thinking about the workout all day Friday during work. I mean, I could have been practicing double unders, watching more strategy stuff, rewatching the @mobilitywod video…so much to do to prepare! (And honestly, it was tough sleeping Thursday night too.) But it’s not even like I’m trying to get to Regionals because, let’s be real.

And then, it was go time. The first round of double unders went by kind of quickly (with singles in between, obviously), but then I got to the snatches and well, legs were a little shaky. I did the first set of snatches in 8, then 7. Back to double unders, a little slower this time, more messing up. (Gah!) Then sets of 5 snatches. Then back to trying double unders. Then more snatches (getting tougher, for sure.) Then oh crap, my time is almost up! So I got 3 rounds + 4 double unders = 139. Honestly, though, that’s more double unders than I have ever done in a single day. I consider that a win. Plus, I was not frustrated the entire time trying to get double unders (like usual) and I ended up not covered in jump rope whip marks! Another win.

Except that the cough/breathing after was worse than I remember after Fran. (I hope this isn’t jinxing myself, it has been a while since I’ve done Fran.)

The workout made me realize how much I love my box. Seriously, some (many) days, it’s the only thing getting me through the day. When work is rough, I just think well, remember what I did this morning in the wod, or, hey forget it, I have to focus on the wod tonight. And our CrossFit Open environment is pretty unsurpassed. There were probably 100+ people there – some competing, some just watching, and LOTS of cheering and encouragement.

(I apologize, my photos this week are not fantastic. I think I was trying to figure out how to breathe normally.)

Also, I rewarded myself with a delicious burger with bacon on Saturday AND they have cashew cheese! (At a real restaurant!)

Soooo the big question is, what do you guys think will be in 14.2? Will it be a repeat of a workout from previous years? A repeat with a twist? Something completely ridiculous? I’d like some clean and jerks, maybe kettlebell swings, deadlifts…things with a barbell that I can do, preferably…


5 thoughts on “14.1 recap, on to the next one

  1. Awesome job,chica!! 🙂

    I, too, would love clean and jerks.. ❤ Last year I PRed during that event, so would be neat to see a repeat to see how far I've come.

    I'm thinking wallballs and box jumps..

    • I feel like your wallball/box jump prediction is going to come true for one of the next three workouts, and I can’t decide if I’m happy or not happy about that…

  2. Nice work, great decision to go Rx! Especially the part about staying cool and not getting frustrated. That’s the hard part, imo. We just had our lovely 14.2 announcement, and I am already frustrated! Haha.

    I hope your good Open performance continues, and I hope you get that cough under control! =)

  3. Hi I just found your blog! 14.1 was tough for me. 55lbs snatches were fine but double unders killed! I’m terrible at them. I can string about 3 (doing single, single, double). My coach told me to do 15 instead of 30 during this WOD just so that I wouldn’t spend the whole time struggling through DUs and it was seriously the best modification I could have made. Granted, I’m not registered for the open, but it really worked for me.

    Did 14.2 this morning. That was a doozy! I stuck with 55lbs. I warmed up and got to 65lb OHS, but knew I wouldn’t be able to manage it for the whole thing. How’d it go for you?

    • Thanks for following me! 🙂
      Double unders are rough! How did you feel after 14.1?
      14.2 was…not as fun as 14.1, haha. My max overhead squat was somewhere around 85 a few months ago, but doing that many reps even at 45 was horrible for me. Some days the bar just feels heavier? How did you do?

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