Paleo in NYC (aka Hu Kitchen = paleo heaven)

I have never liked visiting New York City in the past. There are so many people (and so many rude people), so much trash, everything is expensive and inconvenient, everyone is always so busy and in a rush, etc. But family trip already planned + really wanting to try Hu Kitchen = totally went and it was amazing.

(I honestly still don’t get the appeal of Times Square.)

Since I moved back to Florida, I’ve really been missing snow. Somehow NYC weather cooperated and it snowed (a little) for a day. πŸ™‚

(It was actually snowing when this photo was taken, but it’s pretty hard to take a photo of snow falling with just an iPhone.)

I always have big plans to visit a few CrossFit gyms on any little vacation – and then it typically does not happen. But I did manage to get a workout in at a regular gym – some back squats and then a mix of sprints and squats. People were kind of looking at me funny, like why are you sweating more than we are? But anyway…

One place I seriously loved was Dig Inn. They have a few NYC Locations – if you’re ever in the area, definitely go. I would go out of my way by probably a 20-minute walk to eat there again. (And I kind of did.) We ate here for lunch before the Letterman Show one day, and then I walked back the next (after accidently sleeping in while my family explored the city). DELICIOUS.

They seriously have so many options – you choose your meat (salmon, turkey, chicken, beef, etc.), a base (I picked spinach), and then a few veggies. And their veggie selection is ridiculous – beets, carrots, broccoli, PURPLE SWEET POTATOES(!!), kale… Our hotel was just outside of their delivery range or I definitely would have ordered delivery a few times. Check out their menu here. It was also ridiculously inexpensive – Β we spent around $45 for four people for lunch – but look at all this food for ONE person! Probably it should have been two meals, but I was so hungry each time and the veggies were so delicious. (Side note, I really liked the chicken a lot more than the turkey.) The only negative thing is they only have four seats inside, so be prepared to squish in to sit down, or visit a nicer time of year where you can walk somewhere else to eat. πŸ™‚

If you’re into paleo, you’ve probably heard of Hu Kitchen. A lot of restaurants can do paleo (if you ask the right questions), but this is one of the first paleo restaurants that I know of. I really wanted to go. I really wish we had trekked down there the first day because I definitely would have gone every day after that too (after realizing how good it was).

When we walked inside, I’m pretty sure my eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning after opening a new favorite toy. It is pretty much paleo heaven. They have a made-to-order area with a pretty big selection of (mostly) paleo stuff:

I wanted one of everything…but decided on paleo french toast because seriously, when else in life will I be able to order PALEO french toast at a restaurant?? (Not until I go back to Hu Kitchen, obviously.)

The paleo french toast was such deliciousness – the sauce was (I think) made of cashews:

(Oh yeah, and I got a side of grass-fed bacon. Boom.)

They also have kombucha on tap! (I told you, paleo heaven.)

And they have a bunch of ready-made stuff:

So, the actual food was delicious and I wish we had gone back a few more times (ok, or more than a few). They also had a bunch of paleo snacks and goodies. (OK, so we managed to spend around $100…the snacks add up!)

(Delicious, obviously.)

(Almond-crusted chicken tenders = delicious also. I did think a little ahead and get a small meal for later!)


And they have their own line of chocolate that I think you can order online (but I can’t seem to find the link). Basically, what I’m saying is I’m in love with Hu Kitchen. I’ve never loved a restaurant this much before. It was so nice to go out to eat and not have to worry about asking 1239481293 questions about what’s in the food. (Ingredients were even listed!)

We also ate at Quality Italian (the steaks were ok, but not anything special) and Bianca’s (also ok, but we seriously waited way too long for it to be worth it). And had time t

Oh, yeah…it was also really cold the entire time we were there. One day, the high was 18 degrees, one day it was 9 degrees most of the day, and then one day it got all the way up to 30 degrees. My skin is still so dry and it has been a few weeks.

Do you have any favorite paleo restaurants? I only know of Hu Kitchen, Dig Inn, and then a few in Colorado and California. I’d love to be a paleo restaurant reviewer and just travel to wherever one pops up. πŸ™‚

If I could eat at Dig Inn and Hu Kitchen regularly, I would be such a happy, well-fed girl.


2 thoughts on “Paleo in NYC (aka Hu Kitchen = paleo heaven)

  1. I LOVE Hu kitchen! I even had to write a review about it on my blog! Seriously, I would move to NYC just to be able to eat there everyday…true fact. Sadly I do not know of any paleo restaurants around where I live (Virginia), but I would love to, as you said, be a paleo restaurant reviewer πŸ˜‰

    • I honestly am considering it, haha. Plus there will be a crossfit box right near union square too! what else could you need??
      Where are you in VA?

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