Best time to set goals? After a PR!

For the last nine weeks, I’ve been doing a strength program at my box. I was excited before it started, then honestly got kind of bored/tired with it after the first few weeks. I missed regular CrossFit workouts. (I went from doing 4 wods a week + 2 endurance wods to 3 strength workouts a week and 2 endurance wods.) 

Before the first strength class, we did CrossFit Total. Before the total, my max deadlift was 185 (but I had done that for 3 reps a few weeks before), back squat was 120, and press was 60.

In November:
Back squat: 135# (+15!)
Press: 65# (+5)
Deadlift: 200 (+15)
Total: 400

I was pretty happy with hitting 135 for the back squat, fine with 65 on the press (seriously need to work on upper body strength though) and SO HAPPY with a 200 lb deadlift. 

Tonight we did CrossFit total again as our final class. Honestly, I haven’t been so nervous about a workout ever in life – not even the first few CrossFit workouts, not even the first few workouts at a new gym, not even during tennis tournaments. I think I was just as nervous as I was the first few days of law school, actually. I wanted to get at least 10 more pounds on the back squat – realllly thought about hitting 150 but wasn’t completely sure I would be able to. And then I did. And then I added 5 more pounds. I didn’t even realize until an hour later that that’s pretttty close to body weight for me. I felt pretty good with 155 – it was pretty tough, but I think maybe I had a few more pounds in me. I expected a little more out of the press – 65 felt ok (but not easy), 67.5 was a little tough, and then I tried 70 and got it maybe up to my chin. Maybe. I have no idea. 

Then, the deadlift. I knew 200 wouldn’t be a problem, and I was 99% sure 205 would feel just fine. Boom. It did. I jumped to 215 and it still felt fine. I jumped to 230 and it was a little tough, but felt strong. (And my coaches said the speed was there, so to try 250.) So, I tried 250. Honestly, a year ago (or even a few months ago), I would have thought even trying to deadlift 250 was INSANE. No way. Going into today I was hoping to hit maybe 225, if things clicked. I got 250 off the ground, but just didn’t get it up. (They said I got it off the ground quickly – which is still kind of awesome to me because 9 weeks ago I couldn’t get 205 off the ground!) I tried again – got it off the ground quickly, but just…didn’t get it up. I think so much of it is mental, I was just thinking this is SO much weight what am I doing? I’m pretty positive I could have gotten 240, and maybe if I was a little more mentally tough (and stopped thinking so much!), I could have gotten 250. Next time.

I used a weight belt for the first time, and now I want one, preferably a hot pink one because that would be amazing. Only thing is, it made me feel like I had to pee whenever I had it on, and it made me feel fat. But it helped me hit PRs, so who cares. 

Back squat: 155# (+20!)
Press: 67.5# (+2.5, eh)
Deadlift: 230 (+30!)
Total: 452.5 (+52.5!)

And this is my new PR shirt:

I’m still so happy with the 230 deadlift, and excited to have even gotten 250 off of the ground. (Now, whenever things are rough at work or wherever, I’ll just think, BUT I can deadlift 230 lbs and that makes me badass. Right? Boom.) So it feels like a good time to set some new goals. So, here are mine:

Back squat: 170#
Clean: 110# (last max was 95#)
Overhead squat: 100# (last max was 85#, but many months ago)

And I need to seriously work on:
Press, push press, push jerk, bench press, pull ups, push ups...really most things focused on upper body. I want a damn pull up. 
Box jumps – I just…mental block. Last spring, I practiced so much and then finally could jump onto the 20 inch box once or twice at a time. But then I stopped practicing and now the 16 inch box seems fine but I just don’t have the mental strength to jump onto the 20. I mean…it’s FOUR inches. That’s not that much higher! Except it totally is. 
Double unders – I practiced these last spring too…then could finally get four in a row (and that was amazing to me)…and now, back to one and then a few singles 😦
Burpees – I will never like burpees but I think I could learn to suck at them less…
Snatch – I’ve been stuck at 65# for a while but it’s not something I have focused on.
Running, as always

Seriously, how is it possible to work on everything you need to work on constantly? To focus on your weaknesses but still be practicing your strengths enough to keep improving on them as well. There’s just SO much to work on!


6 thoughts on “Best time to set goals? After a PR!

  1. “how is it possible to work on everything you need to work on constantly”
    YUP. If you figure this out, holler. I think I probably wrote about 10 blog posts that are around this topic right here. My plan is to pick one or two of the above and make them your “extra credit” and then continue the other skills through normal classes.

    Now that the Open is coming up, my focus has been ring dips and pull-ups, working on getting stronger there because pull-ups will be inevitable somewhere in the WODs. I want a bigger back squat, a heavier deadlift, more efficient snatch (65 is a comfortable weight for me, but 75 is so hit or miss.. and cannot even dream of going heavier lol).. but strength building can come later– gymnastic movements are the focus now.

    Try something like that. So I WOD 5x a week; 3x I stay after (well, as of last week) and work on pullups and dips; the other day I work on Double Unders.. in a few weeks, we’ll see how it goes and try something else!

    • Haha, I know. There’s just so much to work on! How close are you to getting pull ups? And I’m stuck on the snatch too. Gah!
      I’m mostly focusing on push ups, pull ups (well…attempting), double unders, and box jumps for now…and then back to the strength focus in a few weeks.

  2. Nice stuff! I absolutely agree that setting goals right after a PR is a great time. I also support the opposite end of the spectrum; a goal when you really bomb. That happened to me and I started my own blog about it, Posting goals on your blog also holds you more accountable, to your readers and to yourself. Nice site you have here and I like your writing style. I’ll be sure to stop by again! Good luck with all your new goals!

    • I thought I replied to you, but I guess I didn’t :\ But you already know I love your blog, so…

      I think a goal when you bomb is great too. Like, say, after 14.2 for me…haha.

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