CrossFit holiday list – 2013 edition

I have no idea how it’s already Thanksgiving – I feel like it was just August, and now Christmas stuff is everywhere. In an ideal world, I’d like someone to buy me pull ups, better oly skills, a faster running speed, some handstand push ups…if only.

Anyway, I love holidays. People like gifts. Here are some gift ideas for the CrossFitter(s) in your life – around the holidays or really any time. I plan to post a separate list for paleo stuff, because there are so many new paleo goodies that I would love…I mean, any paleo person would love…

Shirts, shirts, shirts. Do you know a CrossFitter who would say no to another CrossFit shirt? Because I do not. Here are a few awesome ones (most in the $20-30 range):

This site posts  some awesome workout outfits, (yes, outfits, paired with shoes and everything) if you’re looking for more ideas. 

Mobility stuff: I’m going to go out on a limb and say the best mobility gift you can get a CrossFitter is Kelly Starrett’s book. I love it so much I should probably write a post about it, but the bottom line is it is awesome. I watched Kelly’s CreativeLive two-day seminar a few months ago and I was hooked. Basically, buy this. Now.

Other mobility stuff: lacrosse balls ($2-3 at any sporting goods store), a moblity pack, and there’s a ton more mobility stuff on the Rogue site and at Again Faster.

Shoes: This is kind of similar to shirts – CrossFitters love shoes, and most would probably not say no to another pair of shoes. But, these are a little trickier than shirts because sizing is trickier, people like different styles/brands, etc.  There are Reebok Nanos, Inov-8s, weightlifting shoes from a bunch of brands, Vibrams. The Clymb has some awesome deals in Inov-8s sometimes ($50-60) and Again Faster and Rogue have deals too.

Massage! I usually hate getting gift certificates – unless they’re to somewhere really specific, I feel like they’re a cop out gift. Like something I would pick up at the very last second if I completely forgot to get someone a gift. (I know not everyone feels this way.) BUT if I got a gift certificate for a massage, I’d be excited. I don’t think I know any CrossFitter who would say no to a recovery massage – just try to find out where they like to go because some massage therapists are just too…light and relaxing.

Lifting straps: You can find these in a bunch of colors from a bunch of different brands. The Rogue ones are solid but I really wish they came in hot pink.

Weightlifting belt: I really want a hot pink one but haven’t found a quality one. There is this one from Schiek though – pretty, right? (I don’t know what my obsession is with  hot pink.)

Climb On bar/creme: I haven’t tried this stuff yet but I’ve heard it’s awesome. The fact is we all get calluses, and they’re kind of gross. Calluses break. They hurt. This stuff can help (supposedly). It’s offered in a balm and a creme, and both are pretty cheap – nice stocking stuffer?

Reebok CrossFit gear: Some of it is a little pricey, but still.

Protein powder: This stuff gets pricey, so if someone gave me some for Christmas, I’d be stoked. Faves: Progenex (Recovery – chocolate), Stronger Faster Healthier (Pure Whey – chocolate), Simply Pure Nutrients, and maybe check out Kill Cliff too (a recovery drink). I also hear the Progenex shirts are super comfy…

Blender bottle: You can find these everywhere, and they’re only $6-10. It’s always nice to have a few extra?

Other random CrossFit stuff:

This Kettlebell mug is only $20, and so cute. (Too bad I don’t drink coffee.)

Or maybe a custom jump rope. Or a box (I would seriously love this if I had somewhere to put it other than inside on tile floor – I just feel like that would not be the best move?). Maybe a SUP board? (Did you guys know Rogue makes on enow?) Maybe some WOD Toys for the kids? (Seriously, how cute are they?) Maybe some high socks. There are a bunch of CrossFit magazines out there now too. Your options are pretty endless.

Best gift: I’d love it if one of my friends said, hey, actually, I’d really like to try CrossFit but I’m a little intimidated and don’t want to go alone – will you come with me? I’d say yes, and that would be the BEST gift I can think of. (Even better than a hot pink weightlifting belt, or 5 more pairs of shoes. Unless they hate it and then hate me for talking about it so much that they give in and try it. Then maybe a regular gift would be better. OR maybe I would just need to talk about it more until they try a second time…)

Last tip: just don’t buy a shake weight. Please. Or anything else from this list…except for the socks, because we all know dryers eat those.


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