Everyone should get a PR song

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, every time you hit a big PR at the gym, your PR song started playing? You know how people talk about theme songs for life, kind of like if you were in a tv show or something…

I get that this would be kind of impossible because people could be getting PRs at the same time and how would this actually happen…but, if you could have a special song magically play, wouldn’t that be awesome? Or maybe a PR song for when you are going for a PR…

I always make new playlists before races, or if I’m going to be working out on my own for a few days – and then I end up skipping songs, hitting next after 30 seconds… But, during actual CrossFit workouts, I think I’m too focused on the workout to even notice there is music playing. Is that weird? If there’s a slower song or song I don’t like playing before the workout starts, I’m kind of thinking ugh, next…but then as soon as the clock starts, it’s like I have a hearing blackout kind of? At least for the music…

What would your PR song be? Right now, going for a PR, I want The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy playing. Actually, I want a PR playlist and then when I’m going for a PR or I get a PR, any of the songs can magically play.

PR playlist:
Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today – Fall Out Boy
Berzerk – Eminem
Timber – Pitbull
Thrift Shop (I don’t know why I still love this song.)
Let’s Go – Cartel
Southern Air – Yellowcard
Perfection Through Silence – Finch
MakeDamnSure – Taking Back Sunday

And the list is going to end there before I add 20 more songs…


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