New gyms and anxiety/mental blocks

I have to say something first – I don’t just talk to people randomly. I don’t make friends with strangers. So in CrossFit, when you have to warm up with someone, or partner up with someone for a workout – that is always a challenge for me. At least it was, until I got to know enough people at my gym, so then it wasn’t really just partnering with people I didn’t know well. (I think team workouts will always intimidate me though, no matter what.)

One of the hardest parts of leaving D.C. (besides actually moving, and leaving a job I was comfortable in, and leaving family) was leaving my gym. I was comfortable – not like too comfortable to many any progress, I just mean comfortable with the people, the atmosphere, the coaching, etc. I had a routine.

Then, after finally getting a little settled (and by that I don’t mean unpacked), I had to find a gym here. People have been very friendly and welcoming and my new gym is awesome BUT I have such anxiety when I have to find a partner/group for something because I barely know anyone yet. (And part of it is always that issue with comparing yourself to others in the gym – is she stronger? is she faster? because you don’t want to partner with someone who is a lot stronger and then you have to add/take off a lot of weight between sets….but you still want to partner with someone who is going to push you…)

Anyway, does anyone else take a while to get comfortable at a new gym? I think when your routine gets thrown off and you’re in a new gym with new people (and stressed from a move), it’s easy for performance to feel like it has gone down a bit. It’s taking me a little bit – the first few one rep max workouts, I didn’t hit my previous one rep max. I don’t know if part of it was mental (not 100% comfortable yet) or stress or just lost strength from vacations, but it can be frustrating. For me, it’s now mostly with the snatch – I’ve always had a problem dropping under the bar, some mental block, and so I think, deep down, I’m just afraid of failing in such a new atmosphere. (I know, you have to push yourself, failing is part of learning, etc.) And I need to find a way to get rid of that mental block in general, and get comfortable with failing.

Does anyone else feel like this in a new gym? It takes a little bit to get into a routine and to get back to one rep maxes and hit new PRs? (And it takes a little bit to get comfortable with failing. Or is it just me?)


One thought on “New gyms and anxiety/mental blocks

  1. When I first joined my box I was really nervous. The coaches usually took the initiative to pair us up though, so it took the edge off a bit. Maybe ask the coaches who they think would be a good partner for you and have them introduce you?

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