Drop In: Altamonte CrossFit

Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
Website: http://altamontecrossfit.com/ 

I convinced my mom to try CrossFit, and there was a Groupon for Altamonte CrossFit, so she joined this one. I dropped in for a class with her when I was visiting. (It was pretty tough to get in touch with someone; she had issues trying to actually get in touch with someone so she could use her Groupon, and my emails went unanswered for a while, including last time I had been in the area visiting. But I don’t know, maybe they just don’t check emails much?)

Space: They’re located off of Bunnell Road in Altamonte Springs (close to Sports Authority, Costco, where the old Service Merchandise was, etc.) The space is pretty big – kind of divided into two rooms (but the middle is open, so not really “divided”), lots of equipment, lots of space.

Atmosphere: The coach came over and introduced herself. Members here warm up on their own, meaning you have to show up early to actually get in a decent warm up. There were maybe 6-7 members, one coach, and plenty of space and equipment for everyone.


3 rounds:

15 thrusters 45#

20 lateral burpees

5 bear crawls

24:19 or something, tough (my mom totally finished before me)

There wasn’t much actual coaching during the wod, just yelling (trying to encourage) but no actual tips or feedback on form (or how to be more efficient). I hate bear crawls, I am absolutely horrible at them. On my last round of bear crawls, one of the members (who had already finished many minutes before) was encouraging and bear crawled with me (as a little race), which was nice.

Conclusion:  From the looks of it, I thought this box was going to be awesome. I made a promise to be honest in these drop in reviews, and, quite honestly, I wouldn’t go back to this box and I wouldn’t join if I lived in the area. The space is awesome, but the coaching (at least for this wod) was very sub par and they don’t really seem to give any instruction to members. (My mom received a little instruction on the thrusters that day, but she said she hadn’t really received any instruction there prior to that, and she had been to a few wods.) This box has some great athletes – for example, http://www.orlandosentinel.com/multimedia/os-pictures-altamonte-crossfits-mattie-rogers-17-trains-for-and-competes-in-crossfits-varsity-gauntlet-20130727,0,3933325.photogallery – and I think the coaching level is probably higher for competitive athletes (but not during the regular group wods). I wouldn’t recommend this box for the new or average CrossFitter though.


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