Don’t steal my pull up bands, thanks. (Plus, tips.)

I’m not super competitive and I’m not even doing most workouts as prescribed, but I cannot understand how someone can just use someone else’s box or pull up bands during a workout.

For those of us not strong enough to do regular pull ups yet, doesn’t it make sense to set up your own bands? (Or, if you’re paired with someone to go in another heat, set up bands for both of you, whatever.) You know what is absolutely not acceptable? If you do not set up bands at all, and then you use someone else’s, so that person has to stand there and wait for literally 20-30 seconds each time.

Sure, there can be some exceptions, like if the workout is really long or you can see that the person who set up the bands is on a completely different part of the workout and you have time to get in your pull ups before they need to use them. Or maybe you only have five pull ups left and can finish in a few seconds. Or, you asked them before and said you’d only jump in on the bands when they didn’t need to use them.

Using someone else’s pull up bands (without asking, and in the same heat) is pretty much the same as stealing someone’s pen or pencil during a test. They can’t finish the test if you have the pen or pencil. Bring your own pen or pencil, obviously, don’t be rude.

With box jumps, at least there are two sides of the box so you can kind of cycle and take turns. (And so you have to kind of ask them before using.)

So, a few tips for people new to CrossFit on pull up bands:
1. Set up your own bands!
2. If you don’t know how to set them up, ask someone.
3. After you set up your bands, test them out. It’s better to have an extra band already on the bar during the workout in case you need to scale more, otherwise you’ll have to run to get another band and get it on the bar.
4. If you’re new-ish and the bands fly off of your feet and hit you in the face, ask someone to show you how to stop that from happening (by putting your other foot in front of the band)…because that hurts.
5. In the pull up area, make sure you have enough room so that you don’t swing into or kick someone. (It happens sometimes, but usually you can move over a little or flip directions so it’s less likely.)
6. Make sure you have a box high enough to help you get in and out of the bands. It’s a lot easier to get a higher box than try to maneuver your leg into a band that’s too high to really reach, or to have to wait for someone to help you by pulling down the band every time you need to get in it.
7. It’s fine to share a box to get in and out of the pull up bands, just ask to make sure the other person is ok with it. (Too many boxes in a small pull up area can get kind of crazy.)
8. Don’t ever, ever use someone else’s pull up bands unless you’re in a different heat or you ask them first. Don’t push someone else’s pull up bands out of the way so you can fit a third set of bands on a pull up bar when there is only room for two sets of bands. Seriously. Have some respect for other people and their space and their time.
9. Seriously though, don’t use someone else’s pull up bands. Just don’t do it.

Maybe I’m a little more competitive than I thought, but I could have finished the round I was on if I didn’t have to wait 10-30 seconds four different times.


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