Rock ‘n’ Roll Paleo Cupcakes

No, paleo baked goods aren’t ideal, but sometimes you have to go to a party or celebrate a birthday. You know, life. Or sometimes you might just really want to try an amazing looking recipe (just saying). Or, sometimes you might just want a cupcake.

I’ve made a bunch of different cupcakes and baked goods for parties, Mondays, meetings, etc. But it started to look weird when I went paleo and I’d bring in these non-paleo treats, but refuse to eat them myself because they had flour or sugar. (Plus, it’s tough to bring in something you’ve made but haven’t tasted. I mean, what if it’s a disaster and tastes like wet socks? You’d never know because people would still pretend to like it.)

So I’d bring in super tasty non-paleo deliciousness like these…

229362_10100993892697881_7980838_n smores

…or these…

…or this ridiculousness:

But none of those are even close to paleo. So this time, when asked to bake for a birthday party, I decided to hunt down an awesome paleo cupcake recipe. (My thinking was – making kids like paleo one cupcake at a time…or something like that.)

Luckily, Juli at PaleOMG is super amazing and has a birthday chocolate cupcakes recipe. I added two little twists, which you’ll see below.

PaleOMG’s birthday chocolate cupcakes recipe is here

paleo chocolate cupcakes! some with a little frosting already…

chocolate ganache frosting from the same PaleOMG recipe…(I wanted to jump in…)

cupcakes + ganache!

– I put the cupcakes in the fridge so the ganache made more of a hard shell topping (you know like that magic shell ice cream topping that was popular growing up? Like that but a thicker layer of chocolate.)
– I added a dollop of vanilla cream cheese frosting from The Nourishing Home. Note that this frosting has cream cheese and heavy cream, so adding it makes it not so paleo but still primal (as long as you check ingredients to make sure there’s no weird stuff in there). Also, it makes the cupcakes more delicious, kind of a little Boston cream pie flavor (and I don’t even like Boston cream pie.) This frosting recipe is super easy; I had trouble combining the cream cheese and honey, so I used a hand mixer for that part, and then combined it by hand with the whipped heavy cream.

The kids seemed to like them, and adults liked even more. They’re not too heavy, but not too light to make you you want to eat five of them. The chilled chocolate topping was kind of a highlight and added a little richness. (They were pretty messy before that. Chocolate would have been everywhere. You know, kids.) I’ve made other paleo cupcake/muffin recipes that have a bunch of eggs in (like this one) and they’ve just tasted so egg-y (which kids would not like). This one does not taste egg-y. It tasted like chocolate cupcake. There is a little hint of coconut, but not much and most didn’t even notice it.

– I tasted the cupcake without the ganache or the cream cheese and it was still delicious. I thought about adding mini chocolate chips (from Enjoy Life), but didn’t have enough. I’d definitely add them next time, or maybe cut out a little in the middle of the cupcake and have a ganache filling. Fancy.
– If you chill the cupcakes with the ganache, take the cupcake wrappers off first. The wrappers kind of got enveloped in the ganache (because it ran over and down into the cupcake slots in the pan) and it was kind of annoying (to the kids) to peel off. But, still delicious.
– I’d add a few little chocolate chips on the top of the whipped frosting next time too, to add a little flair.
– PaleOMG is a paleo genius and I want to be friends with her.

I will never bring a non-paleo baked good to a birthday/meeting/etc. again…unless specifically requested. These are delicious!



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