Drop In: CrossFit High Octane

Location: Apopka, FL
Website: CrossFit High Octane

I dropped into CrossFit High Octane in early 2013, just once because I was only in the area for a few days.

Space: Ok, so I kind of got a little lost because I couldn’t find the actual building. It’s in this kind of warehouse area but I didn’t see a sign right on the road; after turning into a few different parking areas, I turned into the only other one, and found it. The space itself is pretty big – super high ceilings, so much space, water cooler, plenty of parking right in front, tons of equipment and many pull up spaces.

Atmosphere: I walked in as the previous wod was finishing up; the owner (Ryan) was working out but came over during the break between the wod to introduce himself and give me a waiver to fill out. The class was smaller than I’m used to – I think 6 members, but that gave us plenty of space (and no having to share bars!) There seemed to be a good range of members, but I dropped in at a late morning class – all women (nice change for me!)  Definitely a friendly atmosphere here. And there was coaching during the workout – encouraging, tips, how to fix little things/ensure safety, etc.
jog and warmup including medicine ball cleans and kettlebell swings

8 min amrap:

6 deadlift (113#)

6 box jump (14in)

9 rounds (my legs felt like toast about halfway through this!)

rest 2 min

2 min amrap

power clean 65#

16 reps

They have boxes with adjustable heights – so awesome. I’ve had a mental block with box jumps and have pretty much used the 10/12 inch box (I really don’t even know how tall it is honestly, I think 10) for the last few months, stacking one or two plates on top of it eventually. But I still had a mental block trying to jump onto the 20 inch box. I just stare at it. So here, I was able to customize the box height instead. I know, that’s a tiny thing, but it was awesome.

Overall: I highly recommend this gym. I stayed after to talk to Ryan about new members – I had been trying to find a new gym for my mom because I didn’t think she was getting good instruction/coaching at her current gym. (She’s brand new to CrossFit and hasn’t really had any instruction on anything involving a barbell.) Hopefully, she’ll be starting here, and I wouldn’t recommend a gym to my mom unless I was absolutely sure the trainer was excellent (and instructs enough to keep members safe and progressing) and the gym atmosphere was welcoming and encouraging. (So if I recommend a gym to my mom, it’s pretty high quality.)

I look forward to dropping in here again and if I lived in the area, this would be the gym I would join.


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