Drop In: CrossFit RSX

Location: Longwood, FL
Website: Facebook page here

I was home for Christmas “break” and searching for a CrossFit gym to drop into. I have to admit, I was hesitant about CrossFit RSX for a few reasons. For one, they don’t (yet) have a website, just a Facebook page, so I had no idea what their coaches were like, pricing, feel of the gym, etc. And that also means I couldn’t look at previous wods and see what their programming was like (or what I was getting into).

I dropped in a few times over a week, so this review is a little more extensive than the others and I switched up class timing to see what different times are like.

The space: When I visited, they were in the back portion of another gym, so the box part was pretty small and the warmups and some of the workouts took place outside. Luckily, it was December, so the heat wasn’t so bad. But, this was totally new to me – the actual wod outside? Craziness! It was a nice change though, get a little sun, fresh air. *Note: CrossFit RSX has moved into a new space a few miles away and it looks AMAZING. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but look at this photo from their Facebook page!

Atmosphere: I was greeted by one of the coaches, went through experience and limitations (I still had a lingering shoulder injury), and met the other coaches. In my handful of workouts there, all of the coaches contributed to the coaching and actually coached during the wod, giving tips and encouragement. The members were so welcoming and encouraging too. The classes were smaller than I’m used to – between 6-10 members each time. The range of members was good as well – a handful who were super strong, rx’ed workouts, and compete in local CF competitions; other members who were fairly new and still learning technique; and the middle of the pack. (And then me, kind of middle of the pack, ok with technique but kind of slow and not super strong.) Some members showed up a few minutes early to stretch/roll/warm up, and then there was a short group warm up before each workout.


jog and other warm up
wod (my scaled version since i couldn’t do double unders successfully yet or sit ups)

300 single jumpropes

40 power clean 45#

leg holds instead of sit ups

30 deadlift 75#

leg holds

20 press 45#

leg holds

10 sdhp 45#

leg holds

300 single jumpropes
This workout was tough! I think it was the 40 power cleans that just wore me out; by the time I got to the presses, I was definitely struggling.

jog and warmup
somehow I didn’t write down the wod but it was Christmas-related and tough

jog and warm up


3 rounds:

400m run

21 kbs 25#

12 pull ups with band


jog and warm up

deadlift 5×5 max effort: 115, 115, 115, 125, 135



power clean 45#

parallette dips


cash out: 5x50m sprints

Overall: Since I dropped in a few times, I got a nice idea of the coaching styles and atmosphere of the gym. The coaches are encouraging and their tips are helpful. Members are friendly and helpful, and I felt like I became part of their gym family for the week. Working out outside was a nice change. Not knowing the workout before showing up was sort of frustrating to me but then it became kind of fun – was I going to be running? Was it going to be a classic wod? Was it going to be something really tough and ridiculous? I had no idea until I showed up, and I think it is a nice little challenge and forces members to not cherrypick workouts (which, yep, I have done before, but more to try to avoid workouts that have a greater chance of stressing my shoulder).

I would definitely recommend this box for those in the area (including those new to CrossFit) and their rates sounded reasonable too. Their new space looks awesome and I look forward to dropping in again soon.


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