13.3 and L1 flashback

I was searching through my email the other day for something, and found some draft articles I wrote as part of a job application a few years ago. One was about the CrossFit Level 1 course I attended in 2008. I read it and it brought back such fun memories (and memories of soreness) and thought it would be fun to post here…and then, today, the day after 13.3…I have soreness very similar to the soreness from the L1 cert. It’s like these two topics just go together so wonderfully. I’ll be posting the L1 flashback later today…

We actually did 12.4 a few weeks (or months?) ago, and I only got to 110 or so wall balls (only 10lbs). I knew this was going to be tough, and…I was more than right. My goal was just to get to double unders and hopefully get a few in. SO CLOSE.

CrossFit Games Open 13.3 wod:
12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
* not rx; did this with 10# ball again
Total: 140 reps – SO CLOSE. I had a few sets over 10 in the beginning, then some 5’s, and some random sets of 10 around 90 reps. I was at 110 with two minutes left. 40 more reps in two minutes? That didn’t happen, but I did beat my previous score! My quads are so sore today, so sore. I wish I had done this workout on Wednesday or Thursday, because I really really want to finish the wall balls and get in a few double unders. Hopefully we’ll have this workout come up again in a few more weeks…(I feel silly wishing that because I really don’t want to do that many wall balls again, but I do…)

I hope the next Games workout involves cleans or something heavy…or cleans or running…please, Dave Castro? I actually wouldn’t be nervous if the thruster/pull up ladder came up again…or, Helen. Just no more wall balls or burpees, ok? Thanks.


2 thoughts on “13.3 and L1 flashback

    • Yep, they have to be Rx to count and to enter online…I just missed Rx on the first two workouts, so decided to go with the 10lb ball to compare to last time I did it. Good for you for going Rx though! 🙂 (I wish I had tried to do the first two Rx…once I missed one, it was so much easier to not Rx the next, haha.)

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