Why I signed up for the CrossFit Games Open and 13.2

Yes, I signed up for the CrossFit Games Open. This post was one of the catalysts.

When I signed up, I still had yet to do even one workout as RX. (I did my first RXed workout a little over a week ago, yay!) Here’s the thing with CrossFit: everything is scaleable. For workouts where you have to do a certain number of rounds for time, there are times when you should be scaling to finish around a certain time. So, sometimes, even if I could do a workout RX, it might take me much longer than the sort of target time, so I scale. Here’s a great article on scaling and CrossFit BrandX posts scaled wods (including for the Open wods).

And here’s the thing with the CrossFit Games Open: it’s really awesome to know that every Wednesday evening – Sunday afternoon during the 5 weeks of the Open, thousands of other CrossFitters around the world are doing the exact same workout you are. Yes, year-round there are wods posted on the CrossFit main site, but every CrossFit box typically has their own programming, so you’re never really doing the same workout as a CrossFitting friend a few states away. And, it’s kind of awesome to know that you’re doing the same wod as CrossFit Games competitors. (Plus, the way they’re announcing the Open wods this year is just AWESOME – a live announcement, followed by two top competitors going head to head. Amazing.)

My reasons for signing up:
– All of the reasons in the post above
– Why not?
– Something about having your name officially show up when people search for you on the Games website…adds some motivation to workouts
– To prove anyone can do it!
– I like being pushed. I like finding new limits.
– Let’s be honest, I follow a bunch of CrossFitter blogs and I’d end up reading about the Open wods. I want to be part of that!
– I usually go to the Saturday workouts (when my gym is doing the Open wods) anyway. 🙂

So, yesterday I did the CrossFit Games Open workout 13.2:
10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible):
5 shoulder to overhead 115/75 lbs.
10 deadlift 115/75 lbs.
15 box jump 24/20 inch

I watched the live announcement and Annie Thorisdottir/Lindsey Valenzuela going head to head. I always get a little nervous after watching the competitors. 75 pounds would be a super easy deadlift, but my maximum push press is 65 and push jerk is 70…and with a lingering shoulder injury, I knew 75 would be pushing it a little too much.

I scaled to 55 lbs., and got 6 rounds + 12 reps, for a total of 192. I thought my shoulders would be exhausted and that would be the killer, but actually my legs were weak sauce. I stepped up for box jumps to try to catch my breath…and I stepped up so slow. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, kept switching legs, pausing at the bottom, pausing at the top. But I didn’t want to stop moving for too long. I pushed hard; half of me wishes I had tried 75 lbs., but the other half knows that it was safer to scale to protect my shoulder. (And I think that’s important for everyone to remember – push yourself, yes, but do it safely! I’d rather scale than push my shoulder too hard and be in pain for days again.)


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