14.2 (aka next year I’ll have pull ups)

I’m not going to lie, I was not happy about pull ups in 14.2. I mean, they were coming sooner or later, yeah, but I thought it would be later? Fat CrossFitter summed up exactly how I felt about it in this post: Yes, OF COURSE they have to weed people out. Guess what—a workout … Continue reading

14.1 recap, on to the next one

This is how I felt last Thursday: It feels like Christmas Eve, except there aren’t any presents, we’re all waiting for Santa to beat us up… #crossfitproblems #crossfitopen — Optimal K (@theoptimalk) February 28, 2014 Yep, and now I feel like it’s the eve of Christmas Eve again! You know what is awesome about the … Continue reading

Paleo in NYC (aka Hu Kitchen = paleo heaven)

I have never liked visiting New York City in the past. There are so many people (and so many rude people), so much trash, everything is expensive and inconvenient, everyone is always so busy and in a rush, etc. But family trip already planned + really wanting to try Hu Kitchen = totally went and … Continue reading

Best time to set goals? After a PR!

For the last nine weeks, I’ve been doing a strength program at my box. I was excited before it started, then honestly got kind of bored/tired with it after the first few weeks. I missed regular CrossFit workouts. (I went from doing 4 wods a week + 2 endurance wods to 3 strength workouts a … Continue reading